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          What are cookies?
          Cookies are small files which are downloaded to your web browsers, computer devices, internet-enabled devices, e.g. smart phone, tablet, etc. They record data and settings, e.g. your present visiting status, language setting, data related to browsing history of your preferred websites and/or applications to enable you to continuously use services that use cookies or other similar technologies.​
                  Benefits of cookies
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                          Types of cookies
                          Types of cookies that Golfdigg uses including but not limited to the following;
                                  Strictly Necessary cookies :
                                  This type of cookies is crucially necessary for the website as it enables you to visit and use the website safely. These cookies are stored and removed after you leave the website.
                                  • SessionID
                                  • Load Balancing
                                  • User ID
                                  • Security
                                        Analytic/Performance cookies :
                                        This type of cookies helps Golfdigg to analyze or evaluate performances to enhance Golfdigg’s understanding in interests of users, e.g. processing of number of website visitors, number of pages visited, etc. Golfdigg will use this data to improve the operation of the website to meet your needs and enhance your visits.​
                                        • Google Analytics
                                              Advertising Cookies :
                                              This type of cookies is recorded in your devices to collect data related to visits and links that you follow or visit to understand your needs. It will be used to improve and develop the website and promotional campaigns to suit your interests.​​
                                              • Google Analytics
                                              • Facebook API
                                                    Functional Cookies :
                                                    This type of cookies will help Golfdigg to “recognize” you during your visits and adapt the website to meet your uses and preferences to facilitate you on next visit, e.g. your name recognition, font size adjustment, languages and other parts of the website pages. However, the data used in processing is anonymous or cannot identify your identity, and personally identifiable information will not be collected, e.g. name, e-mail, etc.
                                                    • Google Analytics
                                                    • SessionID
                                                          Cookies settings and refusals
                                                          You may choose to refuse all or some types of cookies depending on your preferences by setting your browsers and/or your privacy setting. However, if you set your browser or privacy setting to refuse all cookies (including the Strictly Necessary Cookies), you may not be able to use some or all functions of the website and/or application efficiently. You may learn more details from ​
                                                                  Change of the Policy
                                                                  This Cookies Policy may be amended or changed as appropriate to comply with regulations. Golfdigg recommends you to check if you understand such changes. For more information on collection, use and disclosure of your personal data, rights including details on data controller, please visit the Privacy Policy of Golfdigg on the website (
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